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  1. London Jazz News Previews BEASTdome Pantry Session with Peter Evans and Sam Pluta Duo

    Read what London Jazz News has to say about this special collaboration between BEASTdome Pantry Sessions, BEAST and Jazzlines. The New York based duo…

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  2. Projects

    These pages document some of the many projects undertaken by BEAST members past and present..

  3. PhD researcher Nikki Sheth goes on residency in South Africa

    ‘Sonic Mmabolela’ is a 2-week residency for sound artists and composers with previous experience in the area of sound experimentation and sound recordings at Mmabolela…

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  4. QawwaliBEAST

    This is a multi-year project led by artist Tasawar Bashir and composer and sound artist Scott Wilson under the umbrella of the Qawwali Research Unit in collaboration…

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  5. Kelp Road

    Developed as a collaboration between Anne Parouty, visual artist, and Scott Wilson, sound artist, Kelp Road is an ongoing multimedia project exploring and immersing the audience in…

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  6. BEAST Logo

    BEAST FEaST 2018

    BEAST FEaST 2018: BEASTopia! Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 April 2018 University of Birmingham, UK Three days of music, meeting and ideas   BEASTopia! Ideas of democracy…

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    BEAST FEAST 2017

    BEAST FEaST 2017: Figure | Landscape | Seascape | Sky Electronic music can produce sounds suggestive of the most intimate intentions; the result of acts undertaken by…

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  8. Installations

    Mechanical Timothy Cooper Studio 1, Lower Ground Floor Take a bike for a spin. Listen and respond as the landscape whizzes past. Play all of…

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  9. Presentations

    Friday 28 April 10:00-12:00 Dome Room Rolando Rodriguez The nomad image Lisa Whistlecroft A Figure in a Landscape (dancing in the dark) Yvette Jackson Soundscapes…

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  10. Concerts

    Thursday 27 April 19:30 Dome Room Our festival launch features works by Matthusen and Tremblay’s improv duo Roeland Luyten Helena Symeon Youvev terreiro do…

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